UUBRidge Committees

Like many organizations we have committees that do much of the work of our congregation. While we are always looking for people with experience or expertise in the specific domain of each committee, those wishing to learn are also very welcome.  If you’re interested in serving on one of our committees, check with the committee chair.

Congregational Services Committee

This committee is responsible for all phases of our Sunday morning services when the minister is not present.  This includes the sermon/talk, readings, and hymns.

Religious Exploration Committee

This committee works with the Director of RE, Dabney Kirchman, to create a fun and meaningful experience for the children and youth of our congregation.

Communication Committee

This committee is responsible for facilitating communication within our congregation.  It is also responsible for helping the congregation communicate with the outside world, both the general public and potential members.

Caring Committee

This committee is the point of contact for church members who need support around health or loss issues. Our intent is to provide as a group: meals, cards, support in whatever way is needed depending on the situation.

Membership & Hospitality Committee

This committee is responsible for finding and welcoming members and helping them to find a spiritual home with us. We maintain a membership table to provide information about Unitarian Universalism as a whole and UUBRidge in particular, arrange for Fellowship Dinners on the last Saturday of each month, inviting you to relax and get to know one another at a local restaurant by sharing a meal with family and friends. Help is always welcome for setup and cleanup before and after Sunday services.

There are also committees responsible for the pledge drive, fund raising, and nominating Board candidates that meet seasonally.  Members of the nominating committee are appointed by the Board.