Historical Timeline
Unitarian Universalists of the Blue Ridge


August 2008 Seven people gather in the home of Emery and Rita Lazar in Rappahannock County to discuss the possibility of establishing a local UU congregation.
September 2008 44 people have expressed interest in the formation of such a congregation.
October 2008 A Steering Committee is established, to help organize the congregation.  Monthly meetings, held at the Rappahannock County Library, are co-chaired by Don Loock and Emery Lazar.
December 2008 Winter Solstice Celebration at the Washington, VA, Town Hall, attended by about 70 people.
January 2009 A $5k Chalice Lighters mini-grant is received from the Joseph Priestley District, to pay for the services of Bob Johnsen, a UU congregation organizer.
June 2009 The Virginia State Corporation Commission issues a certificate of incorporation to UUBRidge.
September 2009 Regular monthly services begin to be held atThe Schoolhouse in Sperryville, accelerated in January 2010 to semimonthly gatherings.
September 2009 The congregation is awarded a $20k Chalice Lighters grant by the Joseph Priestley District to help pay the salary of a half-time minister.  (At that time, the grant was still contingent on meeting certain milestones.)
September 2010 Rev. Evan Keely begins his tenure as the congregation’s first part-time minister.  Weekly services begin, and a Religious Exploration program for children is instituted.
November 21, 2010 Charter Sunday is held, at which event over 40 persons sign the UUBRidge membership book.  The congregation’s bylaws are adopted, and the first board of directors is elected, with Howard Weingarten as President.
June 2011 UUBRidge is formally accepted as a member congregation by the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, at the UUA General Assembly in Charlotte, NC.
September 2011 Rev. Russ Savage begins his tenure as our congregation’s second part-time minister, replacing Rev. Evan Keely, who assumed the position of Senior Interim Minister at Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church.
October 2011 Dabney Kirchman is hired as quarter-time Director of Religious Exploration.
January 2012 The congregation receives another $20k Chalice Lighters grant from the Joseph Priestley District, to help turn the RE Director’s functions into a half-time position.
March 2013 The congregation moves from its initial rented space at The Schoolhouse in Sperryville to the nearby Hearthstone School.


UUBRidge is history in the making.  We invite you to be part of it.