First steps

Whoever you are: if Unitarian Universalism is new to you, if you have attended another UU Congregation, or if you have been a member of one in the past, you are welcome.

  • Pick up a Welcome Packet.  The packet contains basic information about Unitarian Universalism and UUBRidge so that you can learn about our denomination and congregation.
  • Sign our Guest Book and leave contact information (name, e-mail, phone number).  This will put you on our distribution list to receive weekly service announcements.
  • Make a name tag.  If you leave the name tag in the basket provided as you leave you will find a printed one waiting for you on your next visit.

Becoming a Member

After attending services and events you may decide to become a member.

Although Unitarian Universalism has a courageous and illustrious history with its own traditions, it is a tolerant and evolving body with room for creative enrichment by individual members.  Membership does not require adherence to a creed.  Giving up membership in another church, fellowship, or denomination is not a requirement for membership either.  Your intentions as a member should, however, be compatible with the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism agreed to by our denomination and the UUBRidge Mission Statement adopted by our Congregation.  These should be familiar to you and were made available in our Welcome Packet.

Should you choose to accept the obligations and rewards of membership described in Article IV of the UUBRige Bylaws, alert our membership committee chairperson, Bonnie Dixon,  She will pass along the information to our minister and board president and arrange for you to sign our membership book.  Obligations of membership include a financial commitment and the expectation of taking on some responsibilities through volunteering to work on committees, helping with religious exploration for the children, as an elected Board member, or in some other capacity.  You will be expected to help provide a quorum of eligible voters and to vote at congregational meetings as described in Article V of our Bylaws. A membership name tag will be printed for you and made available for Sunday services.

Prepare to be surprised, entertained, informed, intellectually stimulated, morally challenged, and spiritually nurtured.  Expect to be angry, confused, and muddle through, to forgive and to grow in your own individual way and allow others to grow in theirs.  Commit to giving back as much as you receive.  It takes courage to love and be loved as part of this shared adventure in creative living.  Welcome to Unitarian Universalism and to UUBRidge.