Who we are

The UUBRidge congregation is a diverse group with a shared commitment to free inquiry.

We live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and in the foothills below.  Our environment is rural and rich in natural wonders.

We were born in this area (“been heres”) or we have moved here from the four points of the  earth (“come heres”).

We are old (over ninety) and young (less than a year).

We support ourselves in many different ways­–farming, designing software, writing, art photography, massage therapy, research, gardening, counseling, teaching, painting, viniculture, gardening–vegetables, gardening–flowers and other ornamentals, writing, psychological counseling, hospice nursing, aerospace engineering, environmental activism, school administration, health and nutrition counseling, social work, accounting, editing…and more.

We like to hike, play instruments, sketch; bird watch; sing; write poetry, short stories, novels, non-fiction; paint; play games; make art of all kinds; dance; picnic; act; read; take photographs; garden; build things, travel…and more.

In addition to Unitarian Universalism some members of our congregation also consider themselves Buddhist, Wiccan, humanist, Jewish, Hindu, Christian, atheist, agnostic…

We enjoy our differences and build community through our time together on Sunday morning, our service to our community, dinners and other social events, committees, and interest groups.  When ill health or loss or other adverse circumstance affects one of our number, we are there with encouragement, casseroles, or chainsaws (we do live in the country!).

We are a growing congregation that welcomes newcomers.  We hope you will visit us soon.